The AirFob story

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we realise something important has been lost.

For informu co-founders Lang and Tom, this seemed to be happening all too frequently with AirPods, the easy-to-lose-but-expensive-to-replace Apple audio device.

After seeing more than a few friends and acquaintances struggle to find their tiny AirPods, they set about inventing the AirFob, which is specifically designed to track expensive Apple AirPods. 

The clever silicon shell protects the AirPods case from damage and hosts the MuTag device, which means it can always be tracked via Bluetooth. Best of all, the informu app notifies users if they’re about to leave their AirPods behind somewhere - preventing loss before it even happens.

It’s the beginning of the end of that sinking feeling.

How it all began

Back in 2015, Lang was visiting Paris. After getting distracted by his phone in a café, he looked round to see that his bag and laptop had disappeared.

He searched frantically, but soon realized someone had stolen them, and they were gone forever. He would never get his belongings back.

We can all identify with that feeling of hopelessness when vital valuables are suddenly lost because we’ve all been there. And we all live in fear of being there again.

But Lang was determined to find a solution. He tried out other trackers on the market and soon discovered they all focused on finding items once they were already lost, rather than preventing them from getting lost in the first place.

That’s how the tiny-but-powerful MuTag was born. That fateful day in Paris happened 5 years ago now – and informu’s revolutionary products have helped keep track of countless valuables ever since.

Who we are

Lang Mei Co-founder and CEO

Passionate about building novel solutions to solve real-world problems, Lang moved to the US from China in 2013, bringing with him a determination to improve the world around him.

informu was the third startup Lang founded by the age of 20, having graduated from college in just 2 years and 9 months. He’s a forward-thinking entrepreneur, but more than that – he’s on a mission to help people keep track of the possessions that matter most to them.

Tom Daniel Co-founder and CTO

With a passion for complex systems, evolution, and the human brain, Tom’s goal is to move humanity closer to prosperity – and he thinks game-changing tech is a great place to start.

Tom has a strong IT background and has worked as a network infrastructure technician, as well as a lead engineer at the software startup he founded before informu. But having overcome depression in his 20s, he’s also a lifelong learner – and truly passionate about making the world a better place.

MuTags in the news

Join the revolution

Ready to stop worrying about where your belongings are and start living without the stress of losing your stuff? You can start today, thanks to the AirFob and MuTag. Join thousands of people across the world who are letting the smart tech inside these tiny products keep their valuables safe and protected. They’re sophisticated devices, but they have a super simple set-up – and you can start tracking your items immediately. Order today and discover a life without losing what matters to you – it really is revolutionary.

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