5 ways to protect your new Apple AirPods

Posted by Thomas Dickerson on

There's no denying Apple AirPods are a high-tech and high-performance product, but with a price tag of up to $549, they're also high-value – and that makes them high risk.

Not only are they small and easy to lose, but they’re easily dropped, scratched and damaged – sometimes to the point of no longer being usable. 

So when you’ve invested in a pair of Apple AirPods, how do you keep them safe? Here are 5 tips to help give you peace of mind.

  • Prevent loss and damage with AirFob

  • AirFob is the groundbreaking product specifically designed to stop you losing and damaging your AirPods. This durable silicon item fits snugly around your AirPods case and stops scratches and damage from occurring at the bottom of backpacks and pockets. Even more impressively, AirFob houses the tiny MuTag Bluetooth tracker, which shows you your AirPods’ location on a map and notifies you when you’re about to leave them behind somewhere, preventing loss before it even happens.

  • Clean them carefully

  • Given how much time AirPods spend inside your ears, you’re going to want to give them a good clean every now and again. Unfortunately AirPods are sensitive to a lot of common cleaning substances – including water! So be cautious about what you use – bleach and detergent are big no-nos, for example. The best approach is to use a smooth, dry, lint-free cloth or 70% alcohol wipe over the outer areas of your AirPods, steering clear of the audio mesh. And whatever you do, never put your AirPods under running water or submerge them in any other liquid.

  • Don’t overdo it during workouts

  • Now that you know how sensitive your AirPods are to liquid, it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll also want to avoid getting them too sweaty. So while they’re safe to use during a workout, if you sweat a lot around the head and ears while you exercise, it’s probably best to leave your AirPods to one side.

  • Get good insurance

  • Just in case anything does go wrong with your AirPods, it’s worth looking into insurance that will cover them for loss and damage. Apple offers its own care plan, but you can also shop around for AirPods insurance deals that will ensure you’re not left out of pocket if your AirPods… well, fall out of your pocket. Of course, claiming on insurance after your AirPods have gone missing or have been broken is not as good as preventing those things happening in the first place with AirFob, but it’s a good back-up option to fall back on.

  • Start some good habits

  • In order to make the most of AirFob and other tips on this list, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of keeping your AirPods in their case whenever you’re not using them. As a new AirPods owner, it can be easy to forget just how vulnerable they are, but making sure you never leave them lying around is a big help. When they’re in the case, they’re easier to keep an eye on and to keep a hold of – plus, when the case is inside the AirFob, they’re also tracked and protected.

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