9 features to look for in an item tracker before you buy

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Using a cutting-edge device to track your precious belongings is a no-brainer – in the long run, it’ll save you time, money and lots of stress. But once you’ve decided to invest in one, which features should you prioritize in order to make sure you get the best product possible?

Here are 9 features to look out for…

  • Small size

  • This one is fundamental. It goes without saying that the smaller your tracker, the wider choice of items you’ll be able to attach it to – and since the belongings you’re most likely to lose are the small ones, there’s really no point in having a large, cumbersome tracker.

  • Smart notifications

  • Choose a tracker that connects to an app on your phone or watch to send you notifications when you’ve left your belongings behind somewhere. This way you’re not just buying a basic tracker – you’re buying a state-of-the-art loss prevention device, which will stop you losing your valuables in the first place.

  • Bluetooth capabilities

  • Your tracker’s Bluetooth feature is what will enable it to locate your items wherever they are within the tracker’s range of your phone or watch. So whether you need to see where a lost wallet is or be reminded not to leave your keys behind, Bluetooth is the secret weapon in keeping track of what matters to you.

  • Good battery life

  • When your tracker’s battery dies, so does your ability to find your stuff – simple. So pick a tracker that has a battery that not only charges super quickly (so you never have to be without your tracker for too long) but lasts for several weeks afterwards, too.

  • Easy to attach

  • A tracker that comes with different methods of attaching itself to various items will provide the flexibility you need when it comes to making sure you know where your items are at all times. Ideally, self-adhesive pads and keyring-style loops should be included with your new tracker so that you can affix it to the belongings you want to track.

  • Water resistant

  • It could be hard to find a tracker that’ll survive a deep-sea dive, but buying one that isn’t going to be damaged by a few splashes is a good idea. By its very nature, your tracker will be useful when you’re out and about and travelling abroad, so making sure it’s waterproof to some extent is vital.

  • Eco-friendly

  • Speaking of which, the more durable your tracker is, the kinder it is to the environment. If a tracker doesn’t last long, you’ll have to replace it more frequently, so picking one that’s both rechargeable and designed to last will mean it’s an inherently more eco-friendly device.

  • Physical protection

  • And look out for features that physically protect your belongings from harm, too. Does your tracker include casing or a protective shell that will prevent the item in question from being scraped, damaged or scratched if you drop or knock it? Our belongings end up in all kinds of places – from the bottom of our bags to being rubbed up against metal keys in our pockets – so they deserve protection.

  • Designed for your items

  • While many trackers are deliberately versatile, some are also designed specifically for certain items. For example, the AirFob is engineered to fit snugly around your AirPods and protect them from both damage and loss, so you can rest assured they’re always safe and sound.


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